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Dear parents,

SBR Maheshwari Vidyapeeth , Surat conducted The Youth Parliament on 21 October 2023. The purpose is to serve  a shining example of how educational institutions can prepare young minds for active citizenship and leadership roles. As these students continue to grow and learn, their experiences in the Youth Parliament will undoubtedly help shape a brighter future for our society.

The Youth Parliament also included a mock legislative session where students had the opportunity in calling attention, to propose bills, and cast their votes, questioning the government policies and also how to move ‘ No confidence ‘ motion.This hands-on experience allowed them to understand the intricacies of the legislative process and the challenges involved in decision-making.

Throughout the event, students passionately debated various topics. These discussions were marked by thoughtful arguments, well-researched positions, and a commitment to understand diverse perspectives.

Our Youth Parliament was a tremendous success. It not only taught our students about governance but also instilled in them the values of collaboration, critical thinking, and civic responsibility. Congratulations to the entire team of SBR Maheshwari Vidyapeeth.