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"What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul".

It is a privilege to be a part of the team managed in the noble cause of providing education. Each one of us has a unique mission in life that only we can fulfill. A clear sense of purpose gives rise to courage and wisdom, which helps us to see things in their true perspective. Discovering this purpose or mission is a lifelong task. Nothing is more crucially important today, than the kind of humanistic education that enables people to realize their mission in life, i.e. to appreciate the infinite potential in each persons life, and to cultivate that dormant human potential to the fullest. At SBR Maheshwari Vidyapeeth, it is our constant endeavour to empower our children by providing the right environment, right training and the opportunities to recognize their inherent talents and unique abilities.Our students are provided with a safe, nurturing and caring environment so that their association with the school becomes fulfilling, enriching and meaningful.

As companions of the students through their journey of education preparing them for the known and unknown experiences of life, it is our earnest endevour to: Rekindle their enthusiasm to discover themselves and the world around, equip them with tools to build a new tomorrow, awaken their creativity to realize their dreams,help them grow into complete human beings with enlightened minds and compassion, determined to preserve the legacy of this beautiful world.

We have a holistic and child centered approach towards imparting knowledge to our students. Every year we add a number of young, optimistic and open minded individuals to our society and they strive to keep up the integrity, honesty and resourcefulness. The school will inculcate in students a respect for traditional values and enforce discipline and good manners.

It is a privilege for me as the Principal of SBR Maheshwari Vidyapeeth, to partner with staff members, students and their families in continuing to shape a safe, challenging and nurturing school life that is full of energy and productivity. Students make us smile and we are glad to be a part of their lives.

Sarika Singh