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Dear parents,
In a world often defined by the pursuit of victory at any cost, sportsmanship stands as evidence to the enduring power of integrity and the profound impact it can have on the heart and soul of sports. The same was evident when in CBSE National games held at Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh, our school students and sports coaches were appreciated and valued for their stupendous positive attitude and we were felicitated with a cup by the host school. In the words of the secretary….
*”The Sportsman Spirit Of SBR MAHESHWARI VIDYAPEETH was commendable throughout the tournament. They helped and supported each and every team. They didn’t even give up in any of their matches and gave tough fight to each team!”
It is really aproud moment for all of us.
We congratulate the students and coaches for a display of such a positive attitude towards the game and humanity.