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Notices / Circulars
SESSION : 2019-2020
Circular No. Month Subject
COM/62/01.02.20 February

General instructions for parents of Classes Jr.KG & Sr.KG

COM/61/28.01.20 January

Consent Letter for Picnic (Jr.KG & Sr.KG)

COM/60/27.01.20 January

Parents Teacher Meeting for classes VI to VIII

COM/59/27.01.20 January

Schedule for 29.01.20 on account of farewell to Class XII students.

COM/58/24.01.20 January

Republic Day celebration schedule

COM/57/21.01.20 January

Time-Table for Assessment-2 (Classes Jr.KG and Sr.KG)

COM/56/21.01.20 January

Time Table for Evaluation - 3 (Classes I to V)

COM/55/21.01.20 January

Time-Table for Term - 2 (Classes VI to VIII)

COM/54/20.01.20 January

Annual Exam Time Table for class XI

COM/53/20.01.20 January

Annual Exam Time Table for class IX

COM/52/20.01.20 January

Time-Table For Pre-board-2 For Class X

COM/51/20.01.20 January

The GrandParent`s Day Scheduled (classes Jr.KG & Sr.KG)

COM/50/13.01.20 January

Provisional Admission for class XI

COM/49/10.01.20 January

1st Round of Pulse Polio Immunization under 'National Immunization Programme' for classes Jr.KG. and Sr.KG.

COM/48/27.12.19 December

Time Table for Practical Exam (Class XI)

COM/47/20.12.19 December

Time-Table For Pre-board - 2 For Class XII

COM/46/20.12.19 December

Time-Table For Pre-board-1 For Class X

COM/45/20.12.19 December

Time-Table for Unit Test - 4 (Classes VI to VIII)

COM/44/14.12.19 December

School Picnic for Classes I to IV

COM/43/13.12.19 December

School Picnic for Classes V to VIII

COM/42/13.12.19 December

School Picnic for Classes IX to XII

COM/41/09.12.19 December

Time-Table for General Studies and Physical & Health Education (Class - XII)

COM/40/21.11.19 November

School Timings for Classes Jr.KG. & Sr.KG.

COM/39/16.11.19 November

School Timings from 19th & 20th November 2019

COM/38/22.10.19 October

School Timings from 11th to 18th November 2019

COM/37/22.10.19 October

Diwali Celebration

COM/36/19.10.19 October

Time-Table For Pre-board - 1 For Class XII

COM/35/19.10.19 October

Time-Table for Term-2 (Class - XI)

COM/34/19.10.19 October

Time-Table for Unit Test - 3 (Classes IX & X)

COM/33/19.10.19 October

Time-Table for Unit Test - 3 (Classes VI to VIII)

COM/32/19.10.19 October

Time Table for Evaluation - 2 (Classes I to V)

COM/31/09.10.19 October

Time-Table for Cyclic-3 (Class - XI)

COM/30/03.10.19 October

Navaratri Celebration For Classes I to XII

COM/29/13.09.19 September

Change in Time Schedule for classes I to V

COM/28/04.09.19 September

Teacher's Day Celebration (Classes Jr.KG. to XII)

COM/27/29.08.19 August

Parent Teacher Meeting

COM/26/22.08.19 August

CBSE Circular No. Acad-03/2019

COM/25/22.08.19 August

Time-Table for Assessment-1 (Classes Jr.KG and Sr.KG)

COM/24/21.08.19 August

Time-Table for Unit Test - 2 (Classes IX & X)

COM/23/21.08.19 August

Time-Table for Term - 1 (Classes VI to VIII)

COM/22/21.08.19 August

Time-Table for Term-2 (Class - XII)

COM/21/21.08.19 August

Time-Table for Term-1 (Class - XI)

COM/20/13.08.19 August

Independence Day Celebration Schedule

COM/19/10.08.19 August

Registration Fee for Classes IX & XI

COM/18/10.08.19 August

Parents of Class XII Students

COM/17/10.08.19 August

Parents of Class X Students

COM/16/05.08.19 August

Time-Table for Cyclic-3 (Class - XII)

COM/15/22.07.19 July

Time-Table for Cyclic-2 (Class - XI)

COM/14/22.07.19 July

Time-Table for Unit Test - 2 (Classes VI to VIII)

COM/13/06.07.19 July

Time-Table for Cyclic-2 (Class - XII)

COM/12/02.07.19 July

Time-Table forEvaluation - 1(Classes I to V)

COM/11/19.06.19 June

Celebration of International Day of Yoga 2019

COM/10/15.06.19 June

Regarding the cancellation of Navratri Vacation.

COM/09/15.06.19 June

Regarding the submission of Aadhar card

COM/08/14.06.19 June

Time-Table for Cyclic-1 (Class - XI)

COM/07/14.06.19 June

Time-Table for Unit Test - 1 (Classes IX & X)

COM/06/14.06.19 June

Time-Table for Unit Test - 1 (Classes VI to VIII)

COM/05/14.06.19 June

Submission for Unified District Information System of Education (Class I)

COM/04/29.04.19 April

Time-Table for Term-I (Class - XII)

COM/03/20.04.19 April

Holiday for 'Lok Sabha Elections'

COM/02/12.04.19 April

Holiday for 'Ram Navami'

COM/01/01.04.19 April

Time-Table for Cyclic-1 (Class - XII)

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