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SESSION : 2020-2021
Circular No. Month Subject
COM/14/27.02.21 February

Internal Assessment in the form of orals

COM/13/21.02.21 February

government guidelines for COVID-19

COM/12/23.01.21 January

CBSE Heritage India Quiz

COM/11/04.01.21 January

FIT INDIA WEEK 2020-2021

COM/10/21.01.21 January


COM/9/04.02.21 February

AVAILABiLity of School uniform

COM/8/13.02.21 February

Time-Table for Final Examination(Classes 6 to 8)

COM/7/11.02.21 February

CBSE Storytelling Competition

COM/6/11.02.21 February

CBSE Third Expression Series (Classes III to XII)

COM/5/10.02.21 February

Time-Table for Pre-Board – 3 (Classes X & XII)

COM/4/04.02.21 February

Final examination for Pre Primary section

COM/3/01.02.21 February

Time-Table for Annual Examination(Classes IX & XI)

COM/2/19.01.21 January

Online Patriotic Dance Competition (JR KG TO V)

COM/1/15.01.21 January

Online Patriotic Solo Singing Competition (6 to 8)

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